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Member West Penn Multilist


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Did you know that only a very small portion of listings are sold by the listing agent; only a few more are sold by the listing office? In fact, 68% of the sold listings in the West Penn Multi List are sold by a sales agent in a completely different agency?, And many other by a different office of the same agency.  Why spend 2½ - 3½% to have an agent list you property, when you can spend less than 1%?  Our fees start at $995 for the first $100,000 of listing price, and 1% of the amount above $100,000.  Listing your $200,000 home with us, you can save an average of at least $3000 or more of listing fees.

Our service include:

  1. Make suggestions on how to present your home in the best light, thereby maximizing sales price,
  2.  List the property with the West Penn Multi List.


If you are serious about selling your property, list it through us and save thousands.