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Member West Penn Multilist


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Real Estate Investment is more than just buying, selling or leasing property, it is running a business. Your success is more assured by taking a comprehensive business approach of first defining your goals, and developing a structured business strategy and plan. Together with our Business Solutions organization (, we will help guide you through these steps.


Once we complete this process, Transaction Realty,

will identify alternative investments.  We will complete a detailed market data analysis, including both sale prices of similar properties and their related rental income and capitalization rates. We can then develop a pro-forma for comparison of the alternatives, determination of your offer price and terms; and ultimately budgeting.   


We have completed many investments projects; updating apartments and redesigning homes or poorly converted houses into functional attractive rental units, while often separating utilities to give the landlord more control over expenses. The result is a higher occupancy rate, more competitive rents, better value, and a greater rate of return. With this extensive experience in analysis and evaluation we will help you determine the best investment.



When flipping property, our intimate knowledge of simple and inexpensive solutions for significant improvements can help you gain an edge in achieving greater returns.